We are you

We are teachers/educators - but above all; we are parents and students. And if we are not happy for our kids to be using our platform, then it’s not worth doing. It’s that simple for us.

If you have read our previous page, “The Pitch” (we know it’s very-very long, intentionally, so only the hardcore will stay the course 😉) - you know that there are a million and one online courses out there, and they are of varying degrees of quality.

Information overload 🤯

So, teens have online courses and learning material coming at them from every direction. This generation of teens is under immense pressure, compared to any other generation before them. They are a generation drowning in social media and all the pressures that it brings. They are also a generation that is always being told that things are “easy for them” and that exams have become easier compared to the “good old days”.

Teen Life Pressure

Someone needs to remind when these good old days happened - because I can’t remember them. The reality is we have pushed the benchmark a lot higher, which means, Grade A, or Grade B, doesn’t mean what it used to compared to even 10 years ago. And the quality of work now has to be so much better in many areas.

Students now have tons of options to fast track their learning. Internet and smartphones have created courses in every shape, size and form - helping students become more efficient with their time.

Many of these online courses are popular, but the completion rates are extremely low. If most parents knew this, they would run a mile. The completion rates are anywhere between 5-15 percent. That is terrible by any standard. It speaks volumes about how students feel about these courses.

There must be another way 🙏

So, we don’t want to offer you yet “another course” when we know it’s probably not the best tool for you or your son/daughter. However, our kids still need to learn, and learning online is still by far one of the best ways of learning efficiently.

Another Way

We will NOT offer you “another course”. The gcse.co.uk platform gives you another way of doing things - the best of both worlds. It gives you many of the features you would get with a course without the rigid structure and pressures that go along with it.

It has everything you would normally find in a high-quality course, like learning notes (or revision content), quizzes, worksheets and videos. The truth is most have one or two of these things, not all. But we have included it all - and some.

Learning hasn’t really changed

If we are honest, many aspects of learning have changed very little in generations. So, we know reading and practicing quizzes and answering questions is a highly effective method of learning. And empirical evidence shows that quizzes or Q&A’s are the best way to improve retrieval skills.

So, we keep what we know to work - like revision notes, quizzes and mock exams. These are tools that have been around for decades and have stood the test of time.

However, the low levels of completion/participation in online courses from school students means we need to try a better way. Anything that engages the student can only be a good thing. And most online courses don’t - it is simply a matter of fact.

We noticed with our kids who were using some of these other learning platforms (provided by their schools) - that they were actively avoiding using them. No exaggeration. We want students to want to use our platform. Yes, we know it sounds cliche. But what’s the point in a learning platform if we need to coax students to use it?

Something, so simple that it works 🤩

Here is the bombshell. We did away with courses as most people know it - Sections, Topics, Sub-Topics and all of that structure and put it on the shelf for now!

Search is the basis of the gcse.co.uk platform. The entire foundation of the platform is based around ease of use, so that you can learn a topic in 5 minutes while waiting at the bus stop, or spend an hour revising on your laptop at home.

Learn Flexibly

The aim of the platform is to have no beginning or ending, a completely fluid approach to learning. However, we included a subject-based contents page for those that prefer a more rigid structure - similar to more traditional courses you find in other sites.

We have created a tool to support your school work and education. It’s not like a "normal" course, where you have to allocate time to use it on certain days to complete XYZ. The gcse.co.uk system makes it almost too easy to learn. If you don’t believe us, take it for a spin?

To learn a topic, all a student has to do is type 3 characters to see results, and select the most relevant topic to learn. That’s it. The beauty of our platform is its simplicity.

We have designed the platform so that it complements your existing learning. Unlike other learning websites and courses, we don’t tell you what to learn and how to learn it. You have your school doing that already. We are here to complement and support your learning.

The gcse.co.uk is a valuable tool, when used correctly. It will help you learn efficiently. It will make learning fun and easy - as it should be. We hope we have been to give you an excellent overview of what we are about.

Please get in touch if you have questions. Thank you.