1 - What is the GCSE.CO.UK platform?

GCSE.CO.UK is a different type of learning service. If you read our “Big Purpose” it says:

We bring together Secondary School students to learn and master GCSE subjects so that we can help each other feel more confident with school-work, be better prepared for our exams, and support each other to achieve mind-blowing results.

In other words, we are a community-driven learning support service that helps secondary school and home-schooling students with their studies.

2 - What makes your GCSE platform different from others?

Two significant elements differentiate us from the vast majority of educational service out there. Firstly, we are “a service” operated by humans, by tutors and parents like you and me. The vast majority of learning websites you see online, free and paid ones are not a service. Almost all of them are published content which you pay to access. Don’t misunderstand me, we have content, but we go the extra mile and provide our students with tutor support, workshops, groups and so much more.

Secondly, we are a community-based learning platform, as opposed to all the content-based websites out there. Nothing beats person-to-person learning. It’s the most effective learning method known to us (humans); otherwise, we wouldn’t go to schools. It is going to sound so cringy when I say this, but there is something magical that happens when one student helps another understand something, and encourages them to do better!

I am not going to ruin it by going on. But no other platform can touch us when it comes to those two features: community-based learning and student support service.

3 - Can you help my child with homework or school-work?

Our platform is there to help students learn and revise for their GCSE subjects. Students on our platform follow a structured learning programme which helps them learn all the topics required for their GCSE subject. A structured learning programme that follows a syllabus will give most students a head start when it comes to homework.

Our programme is not a “homework help club”, however, we do help and support students with their schoolwork for the following seven exam subjects: Maths, English Language, Science or Double Science, English Literature, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

As a student progresses through our structured learning programme, they will become better equipped with handling homework/assignments. Therefore they should need minimal homework help. We don’t promise miracles, and a students development/progress happens over time. As long as you have realistic goals, then you should see a marked difference in the student’s abilities to handle schoolwork.

4 - How will I know if my child is learning?

We will email you progress reports once a month so that you are up to date about your child’s learning and results. We pride ourselves in being approachable, so you can also contact us at any point to get updates.

5 - How do I join?

As a parent/student, you can join by visiting the Membership page, and selecting the membership plan that suits you the best. Once you click “Join Now” on a membership plan, you will be taken through the steps of entering your name and payment details. You will generally receive login details within 24 hours of completing payment. We reach out to new customers personally within the first two days.

6 - Is gcse.co.uk safe for my child?

Our platform is very safe. Most kids nowadays use Tiktok, Facebook, Instagram, Quora and million other social media networks where there is no moderation. We, on the other hand, have tutors moderating and watching everything from 9 am to 12 midnight seven days. We have gone above and beyond to make our site safe with minimal compromise.

The most important thing that you should know is that all communication on the website is recorded; this includes learning workshops and study groups. Although our community is FREE, our learning services are not free, so we know everyone and have payment details to verify their identity. We can ban or flag content instantly. To this day, we have not needed to use such a measure.

People tend to behave when they are on paid platforms. People also tend to use the services they pay to join. You will typically find teenagers playing up in Secondary School. However, when they go to Sixth Form or College, their behaviour changes and is much better. The simple explanation for this is because they are not being forced to attend Sixth Form. The same principle applies to paid learning communities like GCSE.CO.UK.

Our platform is based around learning and studying, and we are probably too dull for cool kids who want to break the rules. We are a small organisation, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us and speak to us the same day! Only management has access to account details, and all management staff are DBS/CRB checked.

7 - Do you provide a free trial?

The short answer is no. We don’t offer a free trial because unlike other learning websites; we are “a service” which is delivered by humans. And there is a much higher cost of providing a service, as opposed to having a website that has pre-published learning content which you pay to access.

You will find that 99% of our competitors are not a service like us. Our service includes live workshops to tutor-led study groups. So, we cannot offer a free trial. But we can provide you with 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee, no questions asked.

8 - Can you help us, we don't have much time and my son/daughters exams are around the corner?

Students who join very close to their exams can often benefit a lot more than they realise. Although starting the GCSE revision programme as early as possible is always recommended, nevertheless, a focused revision that follows a strategy can achieve great results for most students.

If you have left your revision late in the day, we would recommend going through the GCSE revision platform, and focusing on the topics you most need to learn. If you contact us, we would be happy to work with you to help you devise a strategy for your revision.

9 - When is the best time for a student to join and start your structured learning programme?

We recommend starting as early as possible, ideally in Year 7, so that your child can have a head start and it also means that he/she only needs to spend a small amount of time every day on learning and revision.

Most students start at the start of their GCSEs towards the end of Year 9. Those students who follow our programme and use it continuously for eight months or more will see phenomenal improvements in grades!

10 - Where can I use the GCSE platform?

You can use GCSE revision platform wherever you want, as long as you have an internet connection! Our service is accessible from any desktop or laptop through the browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer).

11 - What are your core subjects?

We cover more GCSE subjects than most learning websites! We focus on the most popular GCSE subjects, which include GCSE Maths, English, English Literature, Science (or Double Science), Physics, Chemistry and Biology. So, in total, seven exam subjects.

We will be adding more subjects soon, and existing members will have access to new subjects free of charge.

12 - Do you have a minimum contract?

No. There is no long term contract if you choose to pay monthly. You can cancel anytime. If you pay yearly, then your service ends at the end of the year.

13 - I am a parent, and I am struggling to decide between tutoring or your service?

As parents, we set up gcse.co.uk to offer parents like us a real alternative to tutoring with the ever-growing cost of education. A few students may need tutoring, but the vast majority of students don’t need it. Tutoring is excellent and is perfect for some students. But it’s not for everyone. I would also go as far as saying that our service is also not suitable for every student. I am just trying to be honest.

Most school students need help and support when they don’t understand something or when they can’t tackle a problem, and this is almost always impossible to plan around. And tutoring doesn’t solve this problem because a tutor scheduled to tutor young Sam on Saturdays can’t help him when he is stuck on a math problem on Wednesday night!

Secondly, when it comes to cost, tutoring can be costly, and the costs can mount up very quickly. As parents, we all want to do the best by our child. However, we also need to be practical regarding costs. The Daily Mail newspaper reports that students in the UK are paying an average of £34.22 per hour for a tutor. And many parents pay even more for favourite subjects like maths and sciences.

So, two hours of tutoring per week for one child and one subject can easily cost a family £272 a month. Two hours per week isn’t always sufficient for many students, as it’s for one subject! You should also know that most tutors will turn down tutoring if its just one hour a week, as it’s not always worth their time making a journey just for one hour!

Our service, on the other hand, costs £78 a month for up to 7 exam subjects, and unlimited access! So your child can spend as much time as they need to learn and revise their school subjects.

Our service is not just about tutor support; it is so much more. Subscribing to our service allows a student to follow a structured learning programme, and most importantly, it gives them instant feedback and a community of students and tutors to lean on for help and support.

Our learning and revision platform teaches students independence. It slowly builds their confidence up, as they learn very quickly that effort equals reward, and that their actions are showing them improvements which are directly related to their hard work!

14 - Why GCSEs? Why are GCSEs so important?

GCSEs are by far the most critical exams faced by young people in the UK. They are the first significant exams taken by most teens. Underestimating their importance is easy. However, GCSEs can determine the options available to the young person and their life choices – the college or university you go to or even your career!

We must also remember that most students sit GCSEs at a time in their life when they are going through a lot of changes. The teenage years are considered to be some of the most traumatic (in many cases) years in the lives of young people. And it is during this time that they face the most important exams of their lives!

As parents, we want to give our kids the best chance possible. As educators, we want to provide every student in the UK, regardless of academic or economic background, the best opportunity to do well in their exams.

One of the main elements of our learning programme is our structured learning framework, which consists of quizzes and exam-style questions and worksheets. This all underpinned by our community, workshops and study groups.

We have crafted a programme that deconstructs each syllabus into bite-sized topics which have been carefully dissected into interactive quizzes so that students can quickly learn and swipe through them.

Each time a student tackles a topic or quiz, they receive a score, as they progress students can read the correct answer, and see the explanations. The process of quizzing, repetition, and reading the answers allows students to learn and understand and remember.

The great thing about our platform is that students often learn and remember without even realising it, on a subconscious level. This process of challenge and targeted repetition has been proven to be very successful at improving student results (Kumon being the most famous paper-based example).

We have created our structured learning programme based on exam syllabuses – to provides students with the most comprehensive and thorough preparation possible.

15 - Where are you based?

We are based in London, UK. We support students and parents across the UK and abroad. We have many students who are taking GCSEs from overseas.

We are an online business, and so we love to hear from people. You can call or email us using the details on the contact page.


Please get in touch if we haven’t been able to answer your question above. Send us an email or call us to let us know how we can help you? We are also happy to call you if you email us your telephone number and a convenient time to call. Thank you.