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Please get in touch, let us know how we can help you? You can call us, email us, ask questions via live chat, and if you are a school we can also meet with you.

General Questions

1. Can gcse.co.uk platform help with homework?

Our platform is designed to help students learn and revise for their GCSE subjects. As students on our platform follow a structured learning programme which helps them learn all the topics required for their GCSE subject. A structured learning programme that follows a syllabus will give most students a head start when it comes to homework.

So, although we can’t help with individual homework assignments, no platform can, however, students who progress through our platform will have a much better chance of being able to tackle homework questions as they will have gained the knowledge by going through a structured learning programme.

2. How will I know if my child is doing the work?

We will email you progress reports once a week so that you are kept up to date about your child’s revision and results.

3. I can’t decide between tutoring or your service?

As parents, we set up gcse.co.uk to offer parents like us a real alternative to tutoring with the ever-growing cost of education. A few students may need tutoring, but the vast majority of students don’t need “more” classes, as that’s what scheduled tutoring is in many ways.

Most Secondary School students need help and support when they don’t understand something or when they can’t tackle a problem, and this is almost always impossible to plan around. And tutoring doesn’t solve this problem.

Secondly, when it comes to cost, hourly tutoring can be very expensive, and costs can mount up very quickly. As parents, we all want to do the best thing by our child, at the same time we have to be practical regarding costs. Across the UK, average hourly rates for tutors is £25 for one subject, and even more for favourite subjects like maths and sciences. So one hour of tutoring per week for one child and one subject can easily cost a family £100 a month. The reality is one hour a week isn’t sufficient for most students or tutors. Most tutors will turn down tutoring if its just one hour a week (I have been there, and got the t-shirt).

Our service, on the other hand, costs £19 a month for one subject, not an hour! So your child can spend as much time as they need to learn and revise their school subjects.

Subscribing to our service allows a student to follow a structured learning programme, and most importantly it gives them instant feedback and analytics data, so they know where they are doing well and where they need to improve!

Our learning and revision platform teaches students independence, and slowly builds their confidence up, as they learn very quickly that effort equals reward, and that their efforts are showing them improvements which are directly related to their hard work!

4. I don’t have time, my exams are around the corner, can you help?

Students who join very close to their exams can often benefit a lot more than they realise. Although starting the GCSE revision programme as early as possible is always recommended, nevertheless, a focused revision that follows a strategy can achieve great results for many students.

If you have left your revision late in the day, we would recommend going through the GCSE revision platform, and focusing on the topics you most need to learn. If you contact us, we would be happy to work with you to help you devise a strategy for your revision.

5. How do I subscribe or join?

As a private user, you can simply join by visiting the Subscribe page, selecting the subject you want to join or by selecting all subjects, which will take you through the steps of entering your name and payment details. Once you have signed up and paid, you will normally receive login details within 24 hours giving you access to the gcse.co.uk platform.

6. Where are you based?

We are based in London, England, UK. We support students and parents across the UK and abroad. We have many students who are taking GCSE’s from overseas.

We are an online business, and so we love to hear from people. You can call email us via our contact page.

7. Is gcse.co.uk safe for my child?

We have gone above and beyond to make our site child-safe with minimal compromise. The most important thing that you should know is that all communication on the website is recorded, this includes Live Q&A threads and live chat. We also make sure that communication can only happen through the gcse.co.uk and tutors and students don’t have access to each others contact details (e.g email or telephone numbers). Only management has access to account details, and all management staff are DBS/CRB checked.

8. What are your service hours?

Our service is available 24/7, 365 days of the year as its an online cloud-based platform that is accessible from desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphone apps. However, where there is a human element involved concerning customer service and support, we can only guarantee quick support Monday to Friday 9 am to 6 pm.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm.

9. What is the Ask? Student Community?

The Ask? Student Community is a student and parents community that is simple in principle. It is a free Question and Answer service. Students and parents and even teachers can ask questions, and we all help each other find the right answer. It is a simple way of getting help from teachers. In its purest form its a Question and Answer service that you can use to get help with questions or topics, you are having difficulty with.

However, the service can also be so much more. Students who use it as a tool to spark conversation and debate about topics get the most out of it. Whether you are writing an essay on Macbeth or have a complicated algebra equation to understand and figure out – it can all be thrown at the Ask? Student Community.

10. Do you provide a tutoring service?

We will be introducing a tutoring platform which will enable parents to search and hire tutors for online and offline tutoring. If you are interested please email us with your requirements, and we can help you find a suitable tutor.

11. Do you provide a free trial?

The short answer is no. However, if you sign up, and you are not satisfied and contact us within the first two days (48 hours) we will offer you a full refund.

12. Will teachers or my parents see my progress and results?

If your account was purchased or set up by your school or your parents, then they will have a view of your account, and they will receive a weekly progress report detailing how you are progressing. If you are using gcse.co.uk through a school subscription, your teachers will also be able to see how you are progressing.

If you purchased your account by yourself and you haven’t given anyone else access, then only you will have access to your account.

13. What makes your GCSE platform different from others?

Real-life exams have a variety of questions, open-ended essay type of questions to multiple-choice questions. Multiple Choice Questions (or MCQ’s) are a perfect tool for learning and revision. However, open-ended questions or essay questions or more exam-like and more challenging. We are the only platform in the UK that offers open-ended questions (or essay questions) that are marked by tutors.

We are also the only platform that is completely cross-platform, meaning you can access our platform from any device and we have Apps for Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

14. Where can I use the GCSE platform?

You can use GCSE revision platform wherever you want, as long as you have an internet connection! Our service is accessible from any desktop or laptop through the browser (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer).

We also have Apps for tablets and smartphones. We have Apple iPad, iPhone and Google Android Apps available for free download. Our Apps are free to download, all you have to do is enter your login details, and you are ready to go. As its cloud-based, everything will sync across your devices.

15. What are your core subjects?

We cover more GCSE subjects than any other online quizzing app! We focus on the most popular GCSE subjects, which include GCSE Maths, English, English Literature, Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. So, seven subjects at present.

16. How do I create a sign up or create my account?

gcse.co.uk allows parents and students to take charge of their education and sign up directly. All you have to do is visit the “[Subscribe][1]” page and choose whether you want to subscribe to “All Subjects” or a single subject and follow the instructions to enter your contact and payment details.

17. Do you have a minimum contract?

No. There is no long term contract if you choose to pay monthly. You can cancel anytime.

Service Questions

1. When is the best time for a student to start a course?

We recommend starting as early as possible, ideally in Year 7, so that your child can have a head start and it also means that he/she only needs to spend a small amount of time every day on learning and revision.

However, many students start at the start of their GCSE’s in Year 10, and where they continuously use it for two years, they have seen phenomenal improvements in grades!

2. How is gcse.co.uk different from other revision programs?

The reality is there a many online and offline revision programmes that you can use. We are parents, and some of us are also teachers, so we have seen it from both perspectives. We wanted to create a platform that was user-friendly for kids. And the one thing that we came across, again and again, was that kids love Apps and they don’t like dealing with anything that they think is a “hassle”.

So, we set about developing a learning and revision platform that would be used by kids (with Apps and quizzing) and at the same time cover the GCSE syllabus thoroughly so that students could do well in their exams. It wasn’t easy, but we feel we have probably created the best platform for GCSE revision!

The most critical elements that differentiate our platform:

  1. Apps & Web Based: We have created a platform that is both App-based but can students can also consume and interact with it via desktops and laptops.
  2. Marking & Essay Questions: We are the only platform in the UK (as far as we know) that has a system that supports “Essay Questions” or “Open-Ended Questions”. Essay questions need to be marked by tutors, and they require more complex technology, and most importantly, its time-consuming marking student work. Essay question marking is not automated like multiple choice questions (MCQ’s). We believe we offer great value for money by being the first to provide a marking service for essay questions for a revision platform.
  3. Vast Amount of Content: We have a vast quantity of content and questions. Most importantly, all of our questions and content is GCSE specific. Subject experts and teachers have curated our questions and content over an extensive period. And unlike other revision platforms, our content and items are continually evolving. We are continually adding to it.
  4. More GCSE Subjects: We cover more GCSE subjects then most (if not all) other revision programmes. We currently cover 7 of the most popular GCSE subjects, and more subjects are on their way. As parents, we know how expensive it is to support your child’s education, so we have gone above and beyond to provide parents with a service that is excellent value for money.
  5. Ask: Student Community: We have a unique and growing student community where students can ask questions and receive support from each other for FREE! It’s an additional resource which students can use and its great for discussion-based learning.

3. How does GCSE Mock Exams work?

We have looked at and analysed how some of the most successful learning and revision methods work, and where possible we have improved on it and brought it up to date with 21st-century technology.

We all know to practice and repetition, and being continuously challenged are some of the most critical components to successfully passing exams. We see this in all walks of life, from sports athletes to actors and musicians.

We also know that as parents, its a struggle getting our children to learn and revise, and textbooks are my daughter’s nemesis. However, getting her to go on an iPad or iPhone is no challenge at all!

So, we have broken down the GCSE syllabi, subject by subject, topic by topic, and we have created bite-sized topics and multiple-choice questions. To students, this feels more like play than learning. It’s something they can do at their study desk while waiting for the bus, or even in the bathroom!

When students use the programme they are doing a quick and fun quiz, however, there is serious learning going on in the background, and students are actually getting fed the essential information which they need for their exams, in a far more stimulating way than textbooks, as it’s interactive, so more information is likely to be retained and digested.

4. Why GCSE’s?

GCSE’s are by far the most critical exams faced by young people in the UK. They are the first significant exams taken by most teens. Underestimating their importance is easy. However, GCSE’s can determine the options available to the young person and their life choices – the college or university you go to or even your career!

We must also remember that most students sit GCSE’s at a time in their life when they are going through a lot of changes. The teenage years are considered to be some of the most traumatic (in many cases) years in the lives of young people. And it is during this time, that they face one of the most prominent exams of their lives!

As parents, we want to give our kids the best chance possible. At gcse.co.uk.cloud we want to provide every student in the UK, regardless of academic or economic background, an excellent opportunity to do well in their GCSE’s. To achieve this, we have crafted a programme that deconstructs each syllabus into bite-sized topics which have been carefully dissected into interactive quizzes, so that students can quickly learn and swipe through them.

Each time a student tackles a topic or quiz, they receive a score, as they progress students can read the correct answer, and see the explanations. The process of quizzing, repetition, and reading the explanations allows students to learn and understand and remember. The great thing about the platform is that students often learn and remember without even realising it, on a subconscious level. This process of challenge and targeted repetition has been proven to be very successful at improving student results (Kumon being the most famous paper-based example).

We have created a GCSE learning and revision programme based on exam boards and syllabuses – that provides students with the most comprehensive and thorough preparation possible. The GCSE platform provides feedback to students on their progress, and it allows parents and teachers to monitor the student’s progress and tailor learning and support as required.

5. What is the purpose of gcse.co.uk?

Our aim or purpose is to help students learn effectively and make learning enjoyable and more passive. We want to help students achieve the best grades possible, so we have taken tried and tested methods that we all know work, and we have fused it with 21st-century technology and created something that all teens (or students) will love!

Questions for Schools

1. Can schools join the service?

Yes. Details coming soon.

2. Can schools have their own group?

Yes. Details coming soon.