We created the GCSE.CO.UK learning platform to be as simple as it can be. Our platform is fluid, search based learning with no start or finish. So, to get started, all you need to do is enter a keyword, find what you want to learn, and start learning. It is genuinely that simple.

The search will start displaying results AFTER you ENTER 3 CHARACTERS or more!

Our library of learning content includes learning notes, quizzes, worksheets, and even some videos - to keep things interesting. We have designed our platform to be user-friendly and accessible without the rigid structures of an online course or school textbook. It is the perfect complement to your school curriculum - where you are in control of your own learning.

It is no secret that teenagers have a million things running through their minds at once and do not have the time or patience to remember passwords. So, you can say goodbye to complicated passwords!

All you need is an active email account and you'll be provided with an instant magic link whenever you need to login. This makes the process super quick and easy – no more hassle! 😇 😍

Our platform is mobile-first, so you can learn anywhere, anytime - effortlessly! Our learning topics will load fast, and display perfectly whether you are on a smartphone, tablet or laptop! Try it out on a smartphone or tablet?

We are constantly adding new content, so you will always see something new whenever you login. And with full access to all paid content at just £4.90 a month (that’s just 16p a day!), it is an affordable way to supplement your learning and give yourself a head start!

Please note that the GCSE.CO.UK platform is a work-in-progress, and we are adding new topics every week. Our current pricing of £4.90 a month reflects this. As our library of learning material grows, the pricing may change accordingly. Thank you for choosing GCSE.CO.UK!