You are here. So, you are probably a student (maybe even a parent) who is looking at tools to help you with your studies. You have seen prices for courses (on this website and many others), which is “supposed” to give you everything you will ever need to help you ace your exams. You’d never need to ask for help again!

That would be an amazing education product, wouldn’t it? It’s too bad, nobody sells such a perfect learning service! So, shopping around you try to work out if this platform or that has everything you need. Almost all of them will fall short.

We don’t have the magic solution. If we did, we wouldn’t just be millionaires, instead, we would probably be billionaires 🤑. What we have, or what we can give you, is a growing library of learning material that should give you most of what you need. We are working on the rest 😉.

So, we will not tell you we are perfect - in fact, we don’t even have a sales team to persuade you to our cause. We are actually far from perfect. We are like many small independent organisations - a work in progress. Instead, we are going to openly share with you what we can give you, and also what we can’t - so that you can evaluate whether the platform is right for you, on your terms.

Here’s our sales pitch

Apologies, this pitch is a bit long winded (actually very long) 🥱, but we needed you to understand what we are about. We don't just want to take your money without you understanding what you are "buying into".

When you are trying to learn, you need a couple of things.

  • Source of information - this could be a teacher in a classroom, a textbook, an online course or learning platform like this.
  • A way to get answers - this can again be a teacher in a classroom who makes the time for you, tutoring service, and parents or friends and family.

Every student requires these two elements to a greater or lesser extent. Although it seems simple in principle, and it is, the vast majority of students don’t get this - not in the way they should. If students were to get these two ingredients, our education system (and even our country) would look very different.

As a parent, you can be that hub of knowledge and support. You would be one lucky individual who is blessed with both the knowledge and the time. Most of us are not that blessed. Btw, it’s nothing to do with how many letters you have behind your name or how clever you are. The realities of modern life mean that things always get in the way. And the result is that our children’s education suffers.

Why most online courses don’t work

Online learning has been a bit of a blessing and a curse. And they have been a valuable tool for many, giving us instant access to a world of learning and information. Most British schools pay for subscription to multiple online course platforms. I know my daughter’s school pays for at least three. My daughter and her friends don’t make use of them.

Directions GCSE Exams

I am not saying they are all bad. Far from it, some of them are great products. Full disclosure, we have an online course for those that want a structured learning programme - aka course. However, kids nowadays are dying from information overload. They have assignments coming out of their ears 👂. They don’t have time for “another course”. 🤯

If an in-person course had the same completion rates as online courses typical do then you wouldn’t see that course offered very long. No university would be able to survive the negative connotations of extremely low completion rates. - Justin Ferriman, Founder of an eLearning Software

Completion rates for most of these online courses are as low as 5-15 percent - and that’s not an exaggeration. Schools know this, but they have to be “seen to be taking action” and offering courses to students is cheaper than hiring teachers to make time for students.

To make matters worse, many of these online courses have so many bells and whistles, they do acrobatics with technology, that you end up needing to take a course to figure out how to use their course platform 🤪. The shocking thing is that this is coming from a generation that grew up with iPhones from day zero! 🤯

There must be a better way of doing things

As a team of teachers/educators and parents, we asked: what can we do that isn’t more of the same? It forced us to go back to the drawing board, and we experimented with ideas, as we were keen not to do "more of the same".

We imagined a typical student, a teenager, and their typical school day. They go to school and learn, and when you get home, they will try to make time for homework. Students/teens spend the rest of the time glued to their smartphones and social media (sorry teens for this gigantic sweeping statement). I am biased. 😈

We wanted to create a platform that made the most of the situation faced by our beloved teens, especially the technology or mobile device side. We felt we should make the most of what they already love (smartphones, duh ❤️‍🔥), rather than work against it?

So, if we get down to the bare basics, what is a course? In a nutshell, it is “a direction or route taken in an educational setting” - it is basically learning content that is structured, similar to a textbook. Helping you get from A to B.

Teens told us they didn’t need to feel guilty about another course they failed to complete - simply because they didn’t have the time. They wanted to use online tools to help them excel in their education. However, the tool needed to fit around them, rather than them fitting around “another learning tool”. It needed to be super easy to use, with minimal friction, like Google. And that’s when we got our lightbulb moment.🤔 ⚡

The solution, the answer to your prayers

So, we created a learning platform that is simple in the most extreme way. There is no need to learn how to use it, because it’s what you already know. We worked on creating a library of learning content that you would typically find inside any course, e.g. learning notes, quizzes, worksheets and a dollop of video (to spice things up 🥘) - and made it super easy to search and use.

Courses for GCSE Subjects

We all use Google because it’s super simple to use. Although Google has advanced search features for those that want to use it that way, the core function is extremely simple, and anyone can use it without training. You enter a keyword, find what you want to watch or read, and that’s it. Not much more to it.

Think of the platform the same way (for education with no advertising at all). It is a completely fluid learning platform. There is no start or finish. We will give you everything that you would normally get in a typical course - plus more. Our aim is to build a vast library of learning content focused on GCSE subjects (starting with the compulsory subjects).

If a student wants to learn a topic, whether its algebra or photosynthesis, all they have to do is start searching and click on the most relevant result. We have made search our foundation. Students can type just 3 characters and start seeing results. 👍

Our solution is to make learning effortless. There needs to be next to no friction. We don’t want student to learn how to use our system. We want our young people to want to use our platform rather than to avoid it. I know that sounds like cliche, but that’s what we observed with students and various learning websites - they avoided it like the plague 🤮. They need to land on our platform and to figure it out instantly. Although we are at an early stage in our evolution, we feel we have achieved this initial goal.

Sometimes simple is best

We know the mind of the average teen goes at a zillion mph, and they don’t have time to remember passwords and login information. So, we have done away with passwords. All you need is your email, and you’ll get an instant magic link whenever you need to login.

It’s also a mobile first platform, which means our website works best on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Whether we like it, that’s the direction that technology and the world and her dog are going - so if you can’t beat them, join them. 😈

So, as a student, you could wait at a bus stop on your way home, and fire up our website and start learning instantly. The platform works whether you are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the user will not notice any difference - at all.

You can choose between reading revision notes to practicing interactive quizzes or doing some worksheets. Whatever you decide, it is going to be easy to learn - and completely pressure free.

Our learning platform complements and supports your learning. It does NOT replace your existing school curriculum or work against it, telling you what to do! As a student, you are in control. We are a tool to be used around your educational needs.

A grade-free system where you can cheat!

At the outset, I mentioned that students have enough pressures on them, so we don’t want to add to it by constantly reminding them about grades. Yes, I agree, grades are important. However, if we make learning a bit more enjoyable, grades will naturally follow. ✅

So, with that in mind, we have made the main platform grade-free. What that means in practical terms is that when you take a quiz, you will see a score and an explanation of the answer - immediately, but we will NOT log your grade. So, as a teen, there is no need to stress. 😞

GCSE Grades

We want our students to cheat. That’s right, you heard me correctly 🤭. We want students to cheat on our platform. We want our students to keep practicing the quizzes repeatedly until they get it right, because no one will keep a scorecard.😊

The catch, the small print

However, like all good things, there is a catch or a small print, or a big print towards the bottom of the page like we have done here, sneakily 😈. We need to put our cards on the table. We have a fully fledged exam system that tracks results and gives you analytics galore. It even has a smart proctoring facility so that we can prevent cheating where it takes photos of the students every few minutes. Should we ever decide to turn the feature on (we never do)?.

Unlike other learning platforms, our exam portal includes “real world exam questions” which are manually marked by our teachers. However, the exam module is not something a student would use every day. We encourage students to use the exam system as a “tool” - to test themselves to get ready for real-world exams. It is purely optional. As we said, it is a tool. Should you wish to make use of it?

This is just the start

This is just a start, and we are just scratching the surface. We know we are realists. Although we are publishing new learning content on an almost daily basis, we have so much more to do. We know that our growing library of learning content will take time to develop. It won’t happen overnight.

BTW, we accept requests, so if a student wants or needs a particular learning content, and it’s not on our site yet, no problem. If you make a request, we can normally have it written and get published within 72 hours - no exaggeration! We are not a big corporate company, so we can be very agile and flexible.

Join us now, we need your support

I told you at the beginning of this page that I would be straight with you. The reality is we don’t have all the learning topics for all the GCSE subjects (that we want), far from it. However, it won’t be long before we have the essential subjects covered. We are publishing on an almost daily basis.

Our pricing at the moment reflects where we are as a service. As our library of learning material grows, the pricing will reflect this. We will always aim to stay affordable for the many instead of the privileged few. However, if you join us now, you will benefit from a few things:

  1. You will support us (a worthy cause, I’m sure you’ll agree), and get into our hall of fame, plus we will declare you a modern day Saint!
  2. Second, we will lock you into a discounted pricing plan for the duration of your membership. So, if prices go up for others, it won’t go up for you!
  3. Last, we plan to do live online events/webinars which will include going through GCSE topics, exam questions and much more. You will get those webinars/events for free*. Others will need to pay.

So, there you have it. That’s our very-very long pitch, of why you should support us and join us now!

The pitch is now over. You can take a sigh of relief. 😥


Ryan and Team @ GCSE.CO.UK