As you are here, you are probably a student (maybe even a parent) who is looking at tools to help with school subjects. You have seen websites offering courses which are “supposed” to give you everything you will ever need to help you ace your exams!

That would be an amazing education product, would it not? It is too bad, nobody sells such a perfect learning service! So, you shop around you trying to work out if this platform or that has everything you need. Almost all of them will fall short.

We do NOT have the magic solution. If we did, we would be millionaires 🤑. What we have, or what we can give you, is a growing library of learning material that should give you most of what you need. We are working on the rest 😉.

Our pitch to you

Online learning has been a bit of a blessing and a curse. It has been a valuable tool for many, giving us instant access to a world of learning and information. However, kids are currently dying from information overload. They have assignments coming out of their ears 👂. They do not have time for another course. 🤯

FYI: Completion rates for most online courses are as low as 5-15 percent - and that’s not an exaggeration.

Finding a better way of doing things

Our team is made of teachers/educators and parents - and we did not want to do more of the same!

If we consider the life of a typical Secondary School student (a stereotypical teenager), he or she will go to school and when they get home, they will try to make some time for homework. After that, they need to do things like eat, rest, spend time with friends - and whatever else they do (I bet you it’s time on Instagram🤯😈😉)!

As you can see from the above, the daily life of a typical teenager is quite demanding, which does not provide much spare time for online courses outside of school.

Directions GCSE Exams

The solution

Our hope with GCSE.CO.UK  was to create a learning platform that was easy to access (as simple as it can be), easy to use, which gave students access to learning, but it was NOT a formal course. Importantly, we wanted it to be (very) mobile friendly.

All teens have smart phones nowadays, and they more or less live through it. We wanted teens to make better use of the tools they already have! Learn something in a bite-sized way whenever they have a spare minute to look at their smartphone will feel less overwhelming to most teenagers. So, making a platform that was mobile friendly was essential.

Despite the preconceived notions of some adults, most teenagers understand the importance of exams and a good education. The feedback we got from Secondary School students was that they did not want to feel guilty about another course they failed to complete - simply because they did not have the time.

Most students want to use online tools to help them excel in their education. However, the tool needs to fit around them, rather than them fitting around “another learning tool”. It needed to be easy to use, with minimal friction, like Google! 🤔 ⚡

Courses for GCSE Subjects

Simple is beautiful

The “like Google” gave us the light-bulb moment that we needed. We realised we did not want to or need to re-invent the wheel. We just needed to improve what we already have, make it accessible, affordable - and user friendly from a learning perspective.

1) Fluid, search based learning

So, we created a learning platform that is simple in the most extreme way. There is no need to learn how to use it, because it is what you already know.

As a student, all you need to do is enter a keyword, find what you want to learn, and start learning. It is a completely fluid learning platform. There is no start or finish. If a student wants to learn a topic, whether its algebra or photosynthesis, all they have to do is start searching and click on the most relevant result. We have made search our foundation. Students can type just 3 characters and start seeing results. 👍

2) Effortless, removing the obstacles

Our solution is to make learning effortless. There needs to be no friction, so that students want to use it, thereby increasing engagement, learning and completion rates. We want our young people to want to use our platform rather than to avoid it. I know it sounds like a cliche, but it is what we observed with students at other online course platforms - they were doing everything to avoid it! 🤮.

3) Course material without the chains

Your average course contains written learning content, revision notes, worksheets, quizzes, and videos. Very few actually have it all. We give you, the GCSE.CO.UK student, everything that you would normally get in a typical course - plus more. Our aim is to build a vast library of learning content focused on GCSE subjects - starting with the compulsory subjects.

We have worked hard to create a library of learning content that you would typically find inside any course, e.g. learning notes, quizzes, worksheets and a dollop of video (to spice things up 🥘) - all accessible in a user-friendly format, without the rigid structures of a course or a textbook!

You can choose between reading revision notes to practicing interactive quizzes or doing some worksheets. Whatever you decide, it is going to be easy to learn - and pressure free.

4) Complementing your school curriculum

Our learning platform complements and supports your existing learning. It does NOT replace your existing school curriculum or work against it, telling you what to do! As a student, you are in control. We are a tool to be used to support your educational needs.

GCSE Grades

So, if you are you struggling with the circulatory system in your science class, don’t worry, GCSE.CO.UK is here to help! Our platform provides comprehensive and easy-to-follow guides on a variety of topics, such as the circulatory system. With detailed diagrams and explanations from experts, GCSE.CO.UK can help you grasp the concepts you need for success in the classroom.

5) Password free login

Sometimes, simple things are the best. We know the mind of the average teen goes at a zillion mph, and they do not have time to remember passwords and login information. So, we have done away with passwords. All you need is your email, and you will get an instant magic link whenever you need to login. It’s that simple.

6) Truly mobile

At the GCSE.CO.UK, we are a mobile first platform, which means our website works best on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. So, as a student, you could wait at a bus stop on the beach, and fire up our website and start learning instantly. The platform works whether you are on a laptop, tablet or smartphone, the user will not notice any difference at all.

The big print

There is a small downside to our platform: the GCSE.CO.UK platform is a work-in-progress. This essentially means although we have tons of topics covered, we still have a ton more left to add.

We are tackling one subject at a time and we are publishing at least 5 topics a week. Even at this fast pace, it will take us a while to finish it all. This meant that we have had to learn some lessons of our own, the hard way: that creating good quality learning material is very time consuming and VERY EXPENSIVE. Especially when you are trying to be ethical and avoid all sponsorship and advertising on your website.

Our aim is to make most of the material free to access. However, we need to cover our costs; we charge a small subscription fee for premium material. As parents, we have genuinely tried to keep it as low as possible. So, we would appreciate your support, so that you may consider upgrade to the premium plan.

On a positive note, our pricing at the moment reflects where we are as a service. As our library of learning material grows, the pricing will reflect this. At present, you can get full access to all the paid content for as little as £4.90 a month! That’s just 16p a day - you cannot even get a kid’s sweet for that price!

Act now and sign up before the price changes. Your support goes a long way in helping a small independent education publisher survive and create new material. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and your continued support! 🙏

Thank you.

Ryan and Team @ GCSE.CO.UK 🤓🇬🇧❤️