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Energy Stores • GCSE Physics & Science Revision Notes for Exams
We use energy to fuel movement and light, which can be found in various forms, such as light waves, heat waves, sound waves and kinetic energy. When we use energy, it is not destroyed but transferred from one entity or energy source to another.

Before starting the quiz, here is a quick recap about energy and energy stores.

Energy stores refer to the different forms of energy that an object or system can possess. For example, an object can have kinetic energy, which is the energy it possesses due to its motion, or it can have thermal energy, which is the energy it possesses due to its temperature.

It's important to understand that energy is never used up; it is transferred between different energy stores and objects. For example, when you turn on a light bulb, the electrical energy from the power source is transferred to the bulb, where it is converted into light energy and thermal energy. The light energy is then transferred to the surrounding environment, while the thermal energy is transferred to the bulb and the surrounding environment.

Similarly, when you ride a bike, the chemical energy stored in your body is transferred into kinetic energy, which is the energy of motion, as you pedal. As you move forward, this kinetic energy is transferred to the bike and the surrounding environment.

It's worth remembering that the total amount of energy in a closed system remains constant, so you cannot create or destroy energy. This is also known as the law of conservation of energy. So, while energy can be transferred between different energy stores and different objects, the total amount of energy in the system remains the same.

Understanding energy stores and how energy is transferred between them is important in many areas of science and engineering, such as in the design of efficient engines and renewable energy systems.

30 Questions on Energy Stores

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Set 1: Ten questions on energy stores

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