Conversions involve changing a quantity from one unit of measure to another. This example will look at metric and imperial unit conversions, commonly used in everyday life.

Metric units are based on the decimal system and include measurements such as meters, grams, and litres. Imperial units are based on the old British system and include measurements such as feet, pounds, and gallons.

You need to know the conversion factors to convert metric and imperial units. The conversion factor is a ratio that describes the relationship between two units of measurement.

For example, to convert kilometres to miles, you would use the conversion factor:

1 kilometer = 0.621371 miles

To convert 10 kilometres to miles, you would multiply 10 by the conversion factor:

10 km × 0.621371 miles/km = 6.21371 miles

So, 10 kilometres is equal to 6.21371 miles.

Similarly, to convert pounds to kilograms, you would use the conversion factor:

1 pound = 0.453592 kilograms

To convert 150 pounds to kilograms, you would multiply 150 by the conversion factor:

150 lbs × 0.453592 kg/lb = 68.0388 kg

So, 150 pounds is equal to 68.0388 kilograms.

When working with conversions, it's important to keep track of units and cancel out units common to the numerator and denominator. This will help you ensure that your final answer has the correct units.

Practice is key when it comes to conversions. Try practising with different examples until you feel comfortable with the process.

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