BODMAS and BIDMAS are acronyms used to help remember the order of operations in mathematics. They stand for:

B - Brackets e.g. ()
O - Orders e.g. Powers and Square Roots e.g.√
D - Division e.g. ÷
M - Multiplication e.g. ×
A - Addition e.g. +
S - Subtraction e.g. -

In other words, when you have a mathematical expression involving multiple operations, you need to perform them in a specific order, following BODMAS or BIDMAS.

First, you should simplify any expressions inside brackets or parentheses. Next, evaluate any exponents or square roots. Then, perform any multiplication or division, working from left to right. Finally, perform any addition or subtraction, working from left to right.

Here's an example to demonstrate the importance of following BODMAS or BIDMAS:

3 + 4 × 2 - 5

If we perform the operations from left to right, we get the following:

3 + 8 - 5 = 6

However, if we follow BODMAS or BIDMAS, we get the following:

3 + (4 × 2) - 5 = 6

As you can see, following the correct order of operations can make a big difference in your result. So always remember to follow BODMAS or BIDMAS when solving mathematical expressions!

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