The GCSE: Step-by-Step revision and learning programme help students in Secondary Schools in year seven upwards learn and prepare for their GCSE 9-1 exams. GCSE.CO.UK helps students in year seven upwards in Secondary Schools across the UK as well as supporting homeschooling students. Our content is written by teachers and subject experts and is tailored to exam board requirements. Alternatively, if you prefer your school could prepare the questions and content. Our quizzes reinforce student’s knowledge, and it has also been used effectively to teach new material ahead of the class!

We advise students to start at Year 9 and spend 10 minutes during the weekday playing the App.

Our quizzing and mock exam platform work best when used over a long period. staging-GCSE.CO.UK is a tool designed to complement and support your schoolwork. Although it has great success as the last minute revision tool, however, students who gain the most are those who start on our quizzing programme as early as possible.

Our platform adapts to the needs of the students, and challenges them where they need to be tested! Our method of targeted repetitive questions makes learning very effective and efficient – as has been proven by the success of Kumon and other such tools.


  • Our platform has been built for students like you in Secondary Schools, year 7 to year 11, studying towards your GCSE’s.
  • Bite-sized quizzes reinforce a student’s knowledge, build their confidence with simple questions while teaching them new and more challenging information.
  • The programme is organised around GCSE syllabuses, focusing on completing all the topics in the syllabus in time for their exams.
  • Our method of targeted repetitive questions is an effective and efficient way of mastering topics for exams.
  • Our quizzes help students learn and be challenged! Through a process of practice, play and repetition, knowledge is learned and reinforced.
  • You can practice questions and learn from the explanations, helping you to understand and remember better!
  • You can ask questions and get involved in discussions and ask for help or advice from other students and tutors.
  • You can add notes which sync across all your devices!
  • You can see leadership boards and how you are performing against other students!
  • You can stay on top of your learning and revision through the dashboard and see detailed analytics and results in real-time!
  • You can go through questions, learn and analyse solutions until you have mastered the topics for your subject! Practice makes perfect!