Plants, like people and animals, have different parts that work together to help them survive and grow. The main parts of a plant are called organs, and these include things like the stem, roots, and leaves. Each organ has a specific job to do - for example, the roots help to absorb water and nutrients from the soil, while the leaves use sunlight to produce food for the plant through a process called photosynthesis.

The different parts of a plant, including the stems, roots and leaves, work together to create organ systems. These can perform a variety of functions that plants require to survive and grow, and these processes are vital to aiding the plant's development and growth as they support tasks such as circulating materials around its tissues.

The epidermis tissue is a layer of tissue that encases the entire plant, protecting against infection and keeping it healthy.
Photosynthetic activity mainly takes place in the palisade mesophyll tissue of a leaf.
The mesophyll tissue inside a leaf is spongy and has large air pockets that facilitate the passage of gases into and out of individual cells.
Xylem and phloem are responsible for the transportation of water, minerals and food within the plant system. This occurs through the roots, stems and leaves of the plant.
Meristem tissue is located at the apex of shoots and roots and has the unique ability to transform into a variety of plant cells. This ultimately enables plants to grow and develop.

The leaf is an oragan


Leaves are complex organs composed of several types of tissues. Leaves have four different types of tissue layers - epidermal, mesophyll, xylem and phloem.
Plant Leaf Structure
Plant Leaf Structure

The interrelation between the structures of a leaf and its functions is explained here. The tissues composing the leaf are instrumental in performing various roles which will be discussed shortly.

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