We were here before COVID, and we will be hereafter 😜

GCSE.CO.UK and COVID-19 Misconception 🙄

I wanted to correct a misconception. It may seem like the GCSE Learning Programme (GLP) platform was created and launched simply because of COVID-19. It is simply not true. The GCSE.CO.UK project started on 21 April 2017 originally under the limited company name “Get Educating”. Various events with my life/health meant that although I registered the company and initially created a website, I never launched the business or took any customers on.

After some time had passed, I decided to try again—this time with a more memorable name that does exactly what it says on the tin. I acquired www.gcse.co.uk and registered the company GCSE.CO.UK GROUP LTD on 12 May 2018 with Companies House, EnglandOn 28 May 2018 HMRC approved GCSE.CO.UK for SEIS / EIS investment. As you can see, it was years before COVID-19!