Across the UK, there are thousands and thousands of school students who have no one to ask when they need help. This is more true than most of us realise. You may say they have their parents or their school teachers. Not always true.

Most parents, even the ones with letters behind their names, would struggle with school work for obvious reasons. It’s been on average about 20 years since they last did any of this type of work that most of them would get stuck on basic math and science.

To make matters worse, in most modern families, both parents typically work, so they are exhausted after a hard day at work to spend any quality time going through homework with their kids. I am not saying it’s not possible, and it doesn’t happen. But where it happens, they are often a minority of cases.

Perhaps the student can wait until they see their school teacher on the next occasion. True. However, talk to students in most big cities in the UK, and they will often tell you they struggle to get one-on-one time with their teachers. They are competing with 30 other students who are also trying to get the teachers’ attention.

Please note, we are not blaming the teachers. This goes to show that they are under immense pressure given the size of classrooms nowadays!

There is also an important element here that we all forget. When you are trying to learn something, it is always best to get the help and support when you need it, rather than on another occasion, when it may not be.

So, what’s the solution?

I am sorry to say I am not sure I have one. We have a (possible) solution, and I’ll explain that shortly. However, if you can spare about £200-£300 a month, then you can be in the growing army of parents who are paying for additional tutoring for their kids.

It’s now a multi-billion dollar market in the UK. Private tutoring has now become almost normal in middle-class suburban communities. Unfortunately, for most of us “average” income earners, it is simply not affordable, especially if you have over one child.

The problem with tutoring

The fundamental problems with traditional tutoring, if you can afford it, is that your kid never gets the help when they need it the most. The way tutoring works is that you pay Mrs Smith to come in for 2 hours a week (say every Saturday) at something like £30 an hour.

However, when little Timmy needs help with his homework on a Wednesday evening, he is still stuck! He has to wait until he sees Mrs Smith on the weekend or until he see’s his class teacher again! He doesn’t get the help when he needs it the most.

A possible solution

You’ll note that I have added the words possible, because I want to be straight with parents and students and tell you upfront that it’s not a solution for everyone. We have introduced on-demand tutoring support for students for compulsory subjects like Maths and Science. It will be purchasable as an add-on for those that want it. We have a waiting list at the moment.

Imagine this...tutoring help, on demand, ANYTIME, anywhere!
Studying for Exams

What does “on-demand” tutoring support actually mean?

It’s actually a unique service. It means students get tutoring support when they need it, almost immediately (or within an hour or two). So, we will have tutors available online Monday to Friday 6pm - 9pm, after school hours, and students can connect and ask for help.

How does it work?

Our aim is to encourage most students to ask questions, or seek help via the community groups ( We have locked discussion groups accessible to members, discussion or Q&A boards, where tutors can answer questions in real time.

We encourage the groups as the first step, as it keeps costs down for us, which keeps the costs down for you as well. However, where it’s necessary, we have instant chat, and video chat so that tutors can talk to and help students face to face - almost instantly.

How do you charge for it?

You pay for it through a monthly membership programme. So, there are two plans, and on each plan you can get up to 2 hours of tutoring support a month. We are charging in blocks of 15 minutes, so 2 hours should be fine for most students. However, you can purchase more credits should you require it.

  • A: 2 Hours of Tutoring Support via Group and Chat = £19 per Month

You’ll get up to 2 hours of tutoring support via group and live chat (not video). You can use it in 15-minute increments over a month. Minutes don’t roll over.

  • B: 2 Hours of Tutoring Support via Group, Chat, WhatsApp and Video  = £59 per Month

You’ll get up to 2 hours of tutoring support via group, live chat, WhatsApp and video. You can use it in 30-minute increments over a month. Minutes don’t roll over.

How can I join?

As far as we know, nothing like this exists anywhere in the UK. Not from what we have seen. It is relatively unique, hence why we will see how it goes with the first few groups of students.

However, it is an excellent value for money. Because it’s on-demand tutoring support, and one that you can use, like pre-paid mobile phone credits (like the good old days).

Most tutoring services charge higher rates for scheduled tutoring, with a minimum charge of one hour. This is on-demand, which should always cost more in theory. So it’s a steal!

If you are interested in our on-demand tutoring service, please complete this form to get on the waiting list. Thank you.

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