For Teachers

We have a unique service for educators and schools. We can create learning material for you to spend less time on admin, and focus on more one-to-one time with students.

We are here to support teachers like you. 🍎

Work with us, tell us what you need? Tell us what we could do so that you can focus on teaching!


Too many balls in the air

As teachers, you have plenty on your plate, and not enough hours in the day. We all got into education to make a difference in the lives of young people. And most days it feels like the powers that be don’t give teachers the support they need to make a difference. As teachers, you can’t always provide the one-to-one time that you would like. The GCSE Learning Programme can help you by providing tailored support to your students.
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We can help you

You may have academically very able students but are not being challenged in class because you have to teach at the middle level so that the whole class can keep up. You may have some academically less able students and could do some much better with some support and extra work. We can help both groups of students by creating learning plans around their needs.

We can support your students when they need it the most. 🧑‍🏫

We can help your students at all levels, whether academically gifted or struggling with their studies. We will work with students and their parents and create a tailor-made learning platform to engage them in their learning and keep them engaged and challenged. The extra bit of care and attention can often help alter the direction of a child’s education, and sometimes their life!