We support Students, from Year 7 to GCSEs 👋

Welcome, we are a sanctuary for Secondary Students who want to do well in school. As a student, we make it easy for you to learn school subjects as part of a community of like-minded students (and tutors). We are all here to help and support each other. We don’t compete with each, we compete against ourselves and the rest of the world. 

We provide our students with a structured learning programme, access live workshops or courses, and tutor-supported study groups.

Are you tired of one-dimensional learning? 😫

The core elements of our student learning and support programme are based around making learning more engaging and getting results.

What this means for you as a student is that you don’t need to suffer one-dimensional learning. Our platform lets you learn a subject and discuss the topic as you progress with like-minded students and in study groups. Most importantly, as in real-life, tutors are on hand to help guide you and answer questions.

You are NOT alone 😱

The foundation of our learning programme is our community. The great thing about our community of students is that it is entirely flexible. In our world, a community or a fellowship is when two or more students help and support each other learn and excel in their studies. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it happens, and it happens naturally. However, it’s also totally cool if you prefer to study alone. You can hop into workshops, study groups etc. All our groups are tutor managed, so there is always someone around to ping for help.

We give you the tools to get results. 💪

We empower our students by giving you the structure and the tools to succeed. We have a structured learning programme for your GCSE subjects. We use quizzes and exam-style questions to help you learn and improve. As a student, you need to worry about logging in, as we send the learning material straight to your email inbox. We also have printer-friendly worksheets for students who prefer doing work on pen and paper.

1. Structured Learning 👇

Structured learning straight into your Inbox
Our structured learning programme consists of learning by doing by taking action. We use quizzes and exam-style questions to help you learn and improve. As a student, you need to worry about logging in, as we send the learning material straight to your email inbox. We also have printer-friendly worksheets for students who prefer doing work on pen and paper.

2. Learning Workshops 👇

Learning workshops are live and pre-recorded bite-size courses
We provide students with the option of joining bit-size courses on GCSE topics. It’s an easier way to learn and study for subjects and topics. You can also ask questions during and after workshops. As an example, you could join a Science Workshop on Cells, and the week after go into an Algebra Workshop or Study Group! With Workshops, you will learn using a more structured approach. Our Workshops are like bite-size courses. The most significant difference between Workshops and Study Groups is that Workshops have a sequential approach to learning, whereas Groups are more fluid. In Study Groups, students and or tutors can decide what they are going to discuss and learn.

3. Study Groups 👇

Study Groups provide students with tutoring support
Students can join any of the several Study Groups on different subjects and topics. As an example, we have Study Group for GCSE Maths Edexcel Exam and Year 8 Homework Help Group. Groups allow students to get help from tutors around a specific topic or interest. In our Groups, you can get involved in discussions, get help from tutors and even connect and help your pears.

4. Marking 👇

The marking and feedback on student assignments
As a parent, my biggest issue with helping my daughter learn some topics had to do with setting her learning assignments and then finding the time to mark it “properly”. As parents, we underestimate the value of marking and feedback. As part of our service, we include exam-style questions and marking of assignments. Students need marking and feedback, they thrive on it.

5. Reporting 👇

Reporting helps you see progress and achievement
As a parent, you want to know how your child is doing. We go beyond statistics and give you proper feedback. Our service is about the personal touch. We write you an email letting you know how we think your child is progressing, and areas where time could be invested.

Connect with Your Tribe

As a student, you will be able to connect with other students, and tutors who are all here to support you. Whether you are stuck on a poem or algebra equation, you can ask questions and discuss it all here. There is nothing better than bouncing ideas off other students. We have focused learning groups which you can join for specific topics or exams as well as more specific study help groups.

The magic happens… 🧝‍♂️

The magic happens when we help each other.

We are not just about giving you having access to the best courses, or the best tutor support. We know from direct experience, being in the same room (group or community) with someone willing to encourage and support you in your studies – makes the most significant difference to a students achievement than any other single factor.

Our community networks and groups are the foundation of our platform. And you determine the success of the community because, without your input or involvement, we are nothing. You make us what we are and what we could be. Our community address is StudyGroups.io, I/O meaning input and output (geek talk). Think of it this way, it’s a community where you get out what you put in!

👉 So, what are you waiting for?

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