For Parents

Parents, we give you the tools to help and support your child's education.

It is about making educating kids simple. 👪

If you are a parent, and you are anything like us, then you have probably promised yourself that you were going to get your son's (or daughters) education on track "this year". And you have been telling yourself this for several years now - and the day never seems to come!

Family and Education

It's about having choices

Like most parents, we want our kids to have choices. And a good education more than anything gives people options in life. We don’t want our kids to face some of the obstacles that we’ve had to overcome. The above all sounds very cliche – but it’s also a genuine concern for most parents. As parents (and tutors), we are here to help you and your child with their educations, and importantly to make your life easier when it comes to educational support

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We give you the tools to help your kids

As a parent, we can’t promise you miracles, or to make your kid love school-work. We can tell you that we will do our very best to help and support your kids (our students). Unlike traditional tutors who charge by the hour, it’s in our interest for a student to learn quickly using the most efficient route. Your kids (our students) reflect us – so when they learn and improve their grades, it’s proof what we do works. So, we will do whatever we can to help our students.

We provide a unique service. We tailor the learning programme around the student. Here is a simple outline of our service.

Learning and passing exams don’t need to be complicated. We accept that some students are more receptive to learning than others. However, all students can learn and get excellent grades – when shown how. And that’s what we do; we help your son/daughter get from point A to point B.

We report to you. 💖

As a parent, you will receive regular reports on your child’s progress. You will know how they have done on their tests, and if they have missed assignments and so on. You will receive regular monthly reports by email so that you can see the value we bring to your child education.

We believe if you give us a try, you will love us. We have a no questions asked 14-day money-back guarantee.