Making things simple for parents. 🧘

As parents, we are here to help your child with their educations, and importantly to make your life easier. We take care of the following crucial aspects of educating a child:

  • You don’t have to pretend to know stuff 🤯 – we’ve all done it, whether you have a masters degree or not, the vast majority of parents will struggle with primary school homework. Secondary School is a whole different ballgame. Your child can contact our tutors for help as and when they need support.
  • No more badgering and chasing 🦡 – You don’t have to track your child for homework or nag them about doing more work. That’s now our job. You can pretend to be their best friend. We will chase them and nudge to make to help them keep on top of the work we assign them. Worst case scenario we’ll contact you so that you can give them a scolding to get them moving 😉  
  • No more worries about tutors charging by the hour 💸 – If you have ever had to hire tutor support for your child, you will know that it costs upwards of £25 an hour for one subject. So, if the average kid gets 2 hours of tutor support a week at home, the cost to the parents would be about £200 (minimum). And this is for one subject, and your kid still can’t contact the tutor for help during the week if they are stuck on a learning topic. 

Using the right tools to be stronger parents. 💪

Our work as parents is never done. We have an endless to-do list. And our children’s education is almost always at the top of that list, but never seems to get fulfilled.

Parents To Do List

We are parents just like you. And we created the GCSE platform for Secondary School students (Year 7 to 11), so that as parents like us no longer need to worry about their child’s education. As an education service, we will help improve your child’s educational performance by:

  • The Learning – through subject and topic-based courses, gamified quizzes and worksheets we reinforce the learning. Students are assessed on a regular basis and assignments are marked by tutors.
  • The Help and Support – we have tutors available online to answer questions and support student as and when they need help or get stuck on a question or learning topic.
  • Community and Fellowship – a core part of the GCSE platform is the community and learning groups for students. Students can engage in discussions and conversations on learning topics, help each other and get feedback – all in an environment that is moderated by tutors.

You are the boss. You will love us. 💖

As a parent, you will receive regular reports on your child’s progress. You will know how they have done on their tests, and if they have missed assignments and so on. You will even have your own access to our community network and the parents group.

We believe if you give us a try, you will love us. You will realise how much value we bring to your child education, and you will wonder how you managed with us all this time!

Most importantly, we don’t claim to be perfect, we are an organisation made up of parents like you, and we always interested in hearing how we can improve. So, we can’t wait to have you as part of our community.

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