Although the vast majority of our learning content (revision notes, quizzes, etc.) is created by professional teachers or educators, we feel other students have produced some of the best content. Logically, this makes sense. If you are studying the topic all the time, you will become an expert on it.

You may have heard of the saying:

the best way to learn a subject is to teach it

Giving back to the people

We want to help and support the students who support us. We know many teens do part-time work for pocket money. For extra pocket money, I used to work at a local newsagent, and then at McDonalds for a while. Well, you could have a bit of extra money creating content for us (in theory, for your fellow students and friends).

Get paid for your work

If you a top-tier student, and you are doing an assignment and learning the periodic table (just an example), and feel the quality of what you have written/created to help you learn is so good that it could help other students, then send it in to us. We will PAY YOU if we publish it.

Get Paid and Save

Please note: we will need your parent/guardians’ authorisation or consent to pay you. It’s easy to do. We can ONLY pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

What you need to know

We reserve the right to edit it and make changes. If we publish your work, we will email you to let you know. You should know we only publish work that we feel will benefit our students.

Unlike other platforms, we are happy to credit you as the author, so we don’t take credit for your work. However, as soon as we pay you, we own the rights to that work. A small minority of authors don’t want their name published as the author. Please let us know if you do not want your name published as the author.

Please note: we will need your parent/guardians’ authorisation or consent to pay you. It’s easy to do. We can ONLY pay via PayPal or Bank Transfer and you must be a UK national (live in the UK).

Rates of pay

We pay per piece of content. So, you can earn a substantial amount of money if you are a prolific content creator.


  • Written content between 500 - 999 words long = £5
  • Written content between 1,000 - 1,999 words long = £10
  • Written content between 2,000 plus words = £15

You cannot plagiarise other people’s work or other published work. We use plagiarism checkers to verify authenticity. It MUST be your work. Not your friends or someone else’s.


  • Video content on a learning topic, at least 7 - 20 minutes long = £10
  • Video content on a learning topic, at least 20 minutes plus = £15
Video Content Creator

Video’s can be talking head videos explaining (or discussing) a learning topic or a screen recording video explaining something with a small talking head in the corner. The latter seems to be popular and works well as people like to see the presenter as it makes it feel personal.

If we publish your work and you receive an email from us stating that we will publish your work. You should receive payment within 7 working days of your content being published.

Once you publish your first piece of work, it gets easier from there on, as you will understand how we work and what we expect. A simple rule of the thumb to getting your content published is to see if similar content already exists on our website. If it does not, then it has a higher chance of getting published, especially if the quality is good.

We ONLY want academic work related to GCSE subjects. Please DO NOT send us any video without your parent/guardians consent. The video MUST be on a school subject/topic. NOTHING ELSE.

How to send us your work

You can use the form below to send us your work. Please email us if you wish to send us a video. Please include as much information as possible. Once we receive your email, we will reply to the details on how to upload your video.

Please contact us using the above form, if you have questions at all.