Revising for Your Exams

Ten ways to revise for your maths exam

Few months before the examination, secondary students sitting for the GCSE or its international version IGCSE will begin cramming in a desperate attempt to score higher. Among the many subjects that are on the top of the revision, the list is Maths.

Choosing Secondary School

Choosing your child’s Secondary School

The amount of choice of secondary school you will enjoy is somewhat limited. It depends where you live and the nature of the schools in your local area. If any of the schools are over-subscribed in your area, then it is likely that your child will be allocated to the school dictated by your postcode.

Teenage Pressure

Teenagers, GCSE exam pressures and coping with stress

School students and teenagers face pressures and stress just like adults. GCSE exams can place a lot of pressure on students and understanding the pressures faced by students and knowing how to deal with it will help you cope better with your GCSE 9-1 exam.

Exam Pressure

Say goodbye to GCSE exam stress

Our platform has been built for students like you in Secondary Schools, year 7 to year 11, studying towards your GCSEs. The programme is organised around GCSE syllabuses, focusing on completing all the topics in the syllabus in time for your exams.

Revising for Your Test

How to revise for that maths exam

We all know that exam-time is stressful. There’s all that information to retain and some of us are just no good at that, right? Well, actually, there are loads of methods that you can put into play during revision time that will make the brain more absorbent – soaking in those facts and figures, putting them into practice and making sure that you’re prepared for the big day.

Selecting Exam Boards

Why do GCSE exam boards differ?

As a student sitting your GCSEs, you may be wondering why there are different exam boards across your subjects. For some schools- even within the same subject- you might find that someone in a different class is with a different exam board to you! This can be confusing, maybe even worrying. You might wonder if there’s a secret reason why your teacher has signed you up for a certain one! Here, we look at some of the reasons exams boards differ- and how this applies to you.