Sam Pritchard

Revising for Your Exams

Ten ways to revise for your maths exam

Few months before the examination, secondary students sitting for the GCSE or its international version IGCSE will begin cramming in a desperate attempt to score higher. Among the many subjects that are on the top of the revision, the list is Maths.

GCSE Options

Guide to GCSE Options

Are you studying for GCSEs? Do you have kids heading for GCSEs? This guide to GCSE options will help you better understand the choices you may be asked to make.

History Questions

How to answer a source-based GCSE History question

Whether primary or secondary, historical sources are imperative if we are to gain a clear understanding of the events that shaped the lives that we lead today. What would our knowledge of the impact of the Norman Conquest be without the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle or the Doomsday Book? How else could we gain a precious glimpse into the lives of our ancestors without the 1881 census?

Studying English

GCSE English Language Paper 1: Writing about Structure Question 3 Focus

Exams are around the corner, you have done mock exam after mock exam and for some reason, every time you attempt that GCSE English Language Paper 1, Question 3, you can’t seem to get above 5 marks! Well, don’t give up just yet. I’m about to share some gems with you that should help you in approaching the question and being aware of exactly what the examiner is looking for. I’ll walk you through understanding the big picture of the question, what the mark scheme says, techniques you can expect to find and also tips and guidance on how to answer the question.